Keltton Swade Guitars

Handmade In Tennessee, U.S.A.

Handmade In Tennessee, U.S.A.

Handmade In Tennessee, U.S.A. Handmade In Tennessee, U.S.A.


About Me

Experienced And Reliable

I craft authentic vintage replica guitars here in Nashville, Tennessee that inspire legends and legends in the making. You are serious about your tone and about your music - so am I. That is why I make these all by hand, right here in the U.S.A - where the Blues and Country music were born and gave birth to Rock and Roll! No heartless corporations and their assembly lines here -  just a set of hands, driven by a heart, for you and your music. You have your own soul and pair of hands that are unique and special, don't you think you should have a unique and special guitar for them? I do, and that is why I create these functional pieces of art, with you in mind. Come join the Kelton Swade Guitar Revolution and hear what you have been missing.   VISIT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR HUNDREDS OF VIDEOS OF MY GUITARS!

I Care About The Details

Your search for that "one" guitar that you have always wanted, but could never find, is over! The attention to detail and craftsmanship in each guitar are world-renowned and leave even the big corporations in awe - so much so, one famous, major guitar company even bought several of my guitars! These are not relic guitars but authentic vintage replicas. They are my interpretation of how Uncle Leo used to make them when quality mattered. It is like having a vintage guitar without the vintage price tag! Please keep in mind that due to the tremendous amount of time, labor, cost, etc.  that goes into the making of each and every guitar, that all sales are final,and that there are no returns, refunds or exchanges - no exceptions. All customers agree to these terms when making a purchase or ordering a guitar. Thank you.

Join The Kelton Swade Guitar Revolution

If you want the most bad-ass guitars, that the most bad-ass players in the world choose to play - then you will want a Kelton Swade Guitar! I make each one by hand here in the USA - Nashville, Tennessee. No corners cut - ever!  I make musical paintbrushes for you to paint your music with! No heartless assembly lines here. If you take your music seriously, then my guitars are for you. Come join the Kelton Swade Guitar Revolution.



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