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Kelton Swade is widely regarded in the music industry and in the world, as the best AVR (Authentic Vintage Replicas) guitar artist there is! This is the view of others and not some hyped up view of himself. Here are some reviews Kelton Swade Guitars has received in recent years. There are too many positive comments to post here from the hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers! Enjoy!

Keith Urban With His Famous Kelton Swade 1953 "Brownie" AVR
From Nov. 6, 2010 And On The Inside Of His Latest CD!           

May 2011, Vince Gill with a Kelton Swade 1953 "Brownie" AVR that will be appearing soon in an upcoming Guitar Player magazine Review. Get one for yourself before the stampede hits!

Kelton Swade and Brent Mason at the 2011 Nashville Guitar & Amp Expo - I think these guitars got a great workout with Brent playing  on them!


Keith Urban playing his 1953 "Brownie" AVR made by Kelton Swade at the "We're All For The Hall" show on Oct. 5, 2010 at the Bridgestone Arena In Nashville, TN.

Needless to say, Steve Wariner loved Kelton Swade's 1953 AVR very much! This was taken at the Country Mucic Hall Of Fame dedication to Chet Atkins!

May 2011, Kelton Swade and Country Music Legend George Jones with a 1953 Butterscotch Blonde Kelton Swade AVR! Wish the new country artists would learn more from George Jones as to what real country music is!

Kelton Swade and James Burton hanging out at the Country Music Hall of Fame when he was inducted as a "Nashville Cat." He loved the AVR guitar!

Keith Urban in the recording studio in 2010 with his 1953 Kelton Swade
"Mississippi Mudslide" AVR (Also known as "Brownie")! 
Not only does he play the heck of this live in concert but he has committed this 
tone forever to his upcoming CD! Thanks Keith!

Kelton Swade and guitar phenom Ladd Smith at the 2011 Summer NAMM show - both sporting a couple of Kelton Swade 1953 AVR guitars...Check out Ladd playing these on YouTube!

Keith Urban at the Cavendish, PEI Beach Music Festival July 8, 2010 with his Kelton Swade 1953 AVR.

Johnny Hiland and Jason Link at "The Stage" in Nashville, TN. Both Johnny and Jason were smokin' hot on their Kelton Swade AVR guitars! Great work boys!

Keith Playing his 1953 Kelton Swade "Brownie" AVR in Baton Rouge, LA On 5/29/10 at the Bayou Country Superfest.

                             Keith Urban Playing In Essex Jct, VT On 9/4/2010

"Hi Kelton...Man, I'm lovin' this AVR!!!  It's superb!!!!!!!!"

Keith Urban
Country Music Superstar & Guitar-Slinger Extraordinaire

Visit Keith's wonderful web site at:

Kelton Swade                                        Keith Urban

Keith Urban is not only phenomenal as a guitarist, singer and songwriter, but more importantly, he's a great guy and an honorable man. The world needs more people like him! Both Vince Gill and Keith Urban set a fine example for musicians...we are blessed to have them folks.  I am humbled to be their brother-in-twang!

Vince Gill                                          Kelton Swade

Brother's-In-Tone Vince Gill and Kelton Swade backstage at the "We're All For The Hall" show on Oct. 5, 2010 at the Bridgestone Arena In Nashville, TN.

John Mayer                                                                            Keith Urban

John Mayer and Keith Urban on stage together with a 1953 "Brownie" Kelton Swade AVR, rehearsing at the Gorge 8/28/2010.

Scott Bradoka

Scott Bradoka, guitarist extraordinaire with his K.U. 1953 "Brownie" and "The Boss" AVR guitars!

"Hey Kelton...Fantastic job with these guitars - I love 'em! I have a number of guitars from the 1950's and you completely nailed the vibe and feel!"

Check out his web site and get his CD's at:

                     Kelton Swade                                                        Scotty Moore

                                     Scotty Moore (Elvis Presley's first guitarist)

The one and only Scotty Moore with a black 1953 Kelton Swade AVR guitar! Scotty was the man who discovered Elvis Presley, was his original guitar player for all the early hits of Elvis' (That's Alright Mama, Mystery Train, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, Don't be Cruel, and many others) and is considered by many to be the Father of Rock guitar! Scotty was as important to Rock and Roll (influenced everyone from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones) as Elvis was. This man is a living legend and a national treasure!

 Johnny Hiland                        Jason Link

Johnny Hiland and Jason Link rockin' the "Stage" saloon in Nashville, TN on 12/5/2010 with two Kelton Swade 53' "Vinny" AVR guiutars ! Awesome performance boys!

"Each one of Kelton Swade's guitars are a masterpiece. His guitar possess an individual look and feel that tailor to each person that plays one. They manage to also reflect each player's personality depending on what style of relic they prefer. A Kelton Swade guitar is a perfect brush to paint with on a canvas of music. Supreme Tone, Look, and Feel... That's a guitar made by Kelton."

Jason Link,
Nashville, TN Country Artist

                  James Burton (Elvis Presley's guitarist)

The one and only James Burton (guitarist for Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson and countless others)was having fun this night with a Kelton Swade 1952 relic butterscotch blonde AVR guitar! He was amazed at how it played and how light it was! The king of twang gave his stamp of approval!

                James Burton                                          Kelton Swade

James Burton                                            Kelton Swade                    Seymour Duncan
                                                                                                       (With a Kelton Swade
                                                                                                         1955 olympic white
                                                                                                         AVR guitar)

This was backstage at the 2010 All Star Guitar Night at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN.
There was history made this evening...the guitar kings were all there!

Gene Miller                  

Super guitar picker extraordinaire Gene Miller from Amy Grant's band playing a 1952 butterscotch blonde Kelton Swade AVR - I have the utmost respect Gene because he is as super a person as he is a player! Keep it twangin' Gene!

George Canyon             Kelton Swade

             Here George receives his second Kelton Swade guitar on a visit to
Nashville in October's a 57' vintage blonde AVR guitar!

What does George have to say about it? "The AVR is AWESOME !!! 
Man does it sound GREAT !!! WOW !!" Those are his exact words!  

                                                                George Canyon
                                          With his 53' Surf Green Kelton Swade AVR
                                                         Photo By: Neville Palmer

"My Kelton Swade T-caster is, BY FAR, the best sounding, best playing guitar I have in my studio.  I am actually scared to take it on the road for fear of something happening to it !!!!  Kelton did an amazing job, is a true pro and extremely gifted artist !!! "

George Canyon
Multiple Juno and CCMA Winner

Check out his web site and get his CD's at:

Kelton Swade                                                        Vince Gill

"The best AVR guitars on the planet! Don't know how he does it but do yourself a favor and get one! Keep them coming - Leo Fender would be proud - thanks Kelton!"

Vince Gill
Legendary Country Artist & Master of the T-caster

Check out his web site and get his CD's at:

                                 Robben  Ford                        Kelton  Swade

Here the great Blues and Jazz legend Robben Ford is enjoying some Kelton Swade Southern humor and an awesome Kelton Swade AVR (which now belongs to Keith Urban)! Robben Ford is simply amazing on the guitar ... even Larry Carlton and Vince Gill think so! 

"Amazing - looks and plays better than a vintage guitar! These are worth far more than what you charge! You have no competition!"

Robben Ford
Blues and Jazz Guitar Legend

Check out his web site and get his CD's at:

"Picking up my Kelton Swade guitar for the first time was like pulling Excalibur from the stone. It's a truly magical instrument. More attention to detail than you can even imagine."

Ray Stephenson
Country Music Artist

Check out his web site and get his CD's at: 


                                      Kelton Swade                Doug Seven

"I am in twang heaven with my Kelton Swade AVR guitar - I am speechless! His utmost attention to details and pure artistry puts him in a category above everyone else. Your hands are blessed by God Kelton - thanks buddy!"

Doug Seven
#1 Internet Guitar Teacher & AVR Twang King

Check out Doug's website and listen to his Kelton Swade AVR at: 

Also check him out here: 

Guitar Legend Tommy Emmanuel and a 1953 vintage blonde "Vinny" AVR! His smile says it all!

        Michael McDonald                                        Kelton Swade

"What a piece of art! I Love the tone and just looking at it!" 

Michael McDonald
Rock Legend And Legendary Songwriter

Check out his web site and get his CD's at:

Kelton Swade presenting Tommy Emmanuel with his International Guitar Hall Of Fame T-shirt!

Check out Tommy Emmanuel's Music and CD's at:

                                           Brent Mason                        Kelton Swade

Brent Mason and Kelton Swade hamming it up with a set of Kelton Sade guitars at the 2011 Nashville Guitar and Amp Expo.

Brent Mason ripping it up on a white 1957 Kelton Swade AVR - he said "This is the most bad-ass AVR guitar I have ever played!" Thanks Brent!

Check out Brent Mason at:

Legendary guitarist Reggie Young (played with Elvis and many others) playing a 1954 sunburst Kelton Swade AVR.


Kelton Swade and Gary McGuire (plays for Sammy Kershaw and The Little River Band) holding a set of Kelton Swade AVR guitars...Gary loves them and owns a "Barn Door" AVR!

Duane Eddy being presented with his International Guitar Hall of Fame T-shirt by Kelton Swade.

                                                                Brian Wooten

Kelton Swade and Brian Wooten (plays lead guitar for Trace Adkins) holding a set of Kelton Swade AVR guitars - oh yes, Brian loves them - just look at his smile!

Brad Noah having fun with a white 1957 Kelton Swade AVR guitar.


Guitar Legend Doug Seven and his 1953 butterscotch Kelton Swade AVR.

In Doug's words," There is no better AVR guitar on the one comes even close to these guitars. Truly God has blessed the hands and heart of Kelton Swade to be able to make instruments of this caliber...I am in awe!

Doug Seven and his instructional dvd's and music can be seen at:

The legendend himself - Vince Gill! Here Vince is playing one of his many Kelton Swade AVR guitars, this one being a 1954 sunburst. Truly an immeasurable talent and a blessing to the world. Your the best big brother!

Kerry Marx (staff guitarist for the Grand Ole Opry) and a 1955 white Kelton Swade AVR guitar...Kerry really liked this one!

                Johnny Hiland with his 1953 vintage blonde "Vinny" AVR.

"These are more real than the vintage! By far the best playing guitars I have ever played. Unbelieveable tone, balance, playability - I could not sleep for two weeks until I got one. Best guitar ever! Thanks Kelton!"

          TJ Scarlett                                                                     Kelton Swade