Kelton Swade Guitars
"Authentic  Vintage Replicas "
"Relic Telecasters & Relic Stratocasters "

Available 1959 Surf Green "Beck" AVR-S!  See Page 7 For Details!

Available 1954 Sunburst AVR-T!  See Page 2 For Details!

Available 1953 Butterscotch "Keef" AVR-T!  See Page 1 For Details!

Available 1953 Blonde 'Vinny' AVR-T!
          See Page 4 For Details!

Keith Urban posing with his Kelton Swade 1953 "Brownie" AVR-T Guitar.
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Vince Gill speaking about Kelton Swade and his guitars! Check out the
over 200 videos on Youtube for my reasons why you need these guitars!


                   Vince Gill getting his first of many AVR Guitars from Kelton Swade! 
                                  Come Join The Kelton Swade Guitar  Revolution!